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A lot of the time they have ribbing that go vertically down

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(I did some follow up on this, and couldn’t find a «University of India » listed anywhere. Andhra Pradesh has several Universities, and perhaps at one time there was a University of India there. The only two Universities I could find that matched the time line were the Osmania University and the Sri Venkateswara University).

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Women’s Swimwear If you want more coverage on your tummy, try a tankini! In terms of tankini fits, take into consideration the other bikini tips I have but in addition they have lots of tummy features. A lot of the time they have ribbing that go vertically down the front, and maybe some ruching this will help hide the tummy and then the tankini wont cling to you completely once it gets wet and you out of the water (when it clings it will reveal everything that you wanted to not advertise to begin with, so a super nice thing to look for). Also there are a variety of tankini lengths. Women’s Swimwear

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