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And web based crypto is fundamentally flawed

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overview for rgov

I not Canada Goose Coats On Sale trying to be a jerk, but I am such an ASP, and no custom hobby encryption scheme is going to ever going to get the stamp of approval the set of accepted practices is fairly narrow (though always evolving). And web based crypto is fundamentally flawed.

i canada goose coats thought add/sub was at least slightly more secure? because with xor, if you find the point where all Canada Goose sale the bytes are zero, you have the stream that decodes the ciphertext and with addition/substraction, you don know what the stream is because you don know where canada goose clearance the zero point is?

I don really follow. Are you saying that if the plaintext is all zeros, and the attacker knows it all zeroes, they can figure out the corresponding cipher stream? That true for both xor and addition (0 ^ x = x, 0 + y = y). In fact, it true if you know any plaintext, whether it zeros or not.

forgive my ignorance i don know how i would compute a random Canada Goose UK Black Friday salt and still use a stream cipher? i not storing the hashed password (along with the salt) in a database.

With your scheme, I canada goose store could precompute a database of common passwords > stream bytes, and then just try them in buy canada goose jacket cheap succession. Every message encrypted with «foobar» will use the same cipher stream. But suppose when you encrypted, you generated a random salt, and then hashed the password with it, and then wrote buy canada goose jacket out salt ciphertext. Now the canada goose uk shop attacker cannot precompute the database of passwords. Check out the term «initialization vector.»

noise is added before encryption; each cheap canada goose uk byte has a 50/50 chance of being OR Canada Goose Online with 0x80 and all spaces have a chance of being converted to a control character. filtering strips all 0x80 bits and turns all canada goose black friday sale control characters into spaces.

This will corrupt non ASCII characters. Using an initialization vector will work better.

> For fun canada goose clearance sale and to easily and uk canada goose outlet conveniently hide passwords, credit card numbers, blog entries and other things that shouldn be in plain sight. But uk canada goose mostly for cheap Canada Goose fun.

While you mention canada goose uk outlet that this is canada goose uk black friday a canada goose coats on sale toy that you did for fun, which is canada goose factory sale good, I don think it should be recommended that people store things like passwords and credit cards with it. There are best practices for doing passwords and even legal requirements for credit cards. People should definitely be discouraged from using random ciphers they find online for these things.

(Oh, and also, using an encryption tool on someone else website, is always a bad idea if you encrypting something serious you have no idea what they doing with your secrets. ESPECIALLY for non HTTPS sites, where anyone on your network can just backdoor the page.)

You should r/askreddit if you want answers outside of the San Jose canada goose community.

My understanding is that many people, especially those young in their careers and more idealistic, do want to work for non profits. But non profits are very resource constrained and must direct their funds Canada Goose Outlet towards hiring a few impactful experts rather than less skilled workers. And their search is further limited by compensation offers that are probably not competitive with what industry can provide.

For non profits where workers might fly out to a disaster site to help rebuild, even if there are skilled architects and builders available in San Jose (for instance), canadian goose jacket it Canada Goose Parka easier to find those people in the disaster Canada Goose online area, Canada Goose Jackets who will already have local expertise in the language, know how to source building materials, and have a network in place, salecanadagooseoutlets than to ship them in.