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«Besides a walk in the woods, Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm

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highland park celebrates 100th birthday with townwide block party

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cake decorations supplier Sandra Serhan is baking cupcakes for a Mardi Gras party. The cupcakes will resemble the king cake associated with the pre Lenten celebration of Carnevale. She ice the men cupcakes with green frosting and the women with purple. We just decided to make it a tradition.»And that, according to Tennessee Department of Agriculture Marketing Specialist Clay Dunivan, is what these Yuletide tree farms are all about.»The best reason to visit a local Christmas tree farm is to make great memories,» Dunivan said. «People have so much fun being outdoors at a farm during the holiday season. Friends and families can enjoy a wagon ride through the trees, drink hot chocolate or cider silicone mould, see Santa Claus, take a holiday crafts class, and even make their own wreaths and garland with the help of the farmer http://www.cq-mould.com/, of course.»Besides a walk in the woods, Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm extras feature a Christmas Shop, Wreath Shop, hay rides, corn hole games and hot chocolate and cider.Forty seasonal employees, plus Jan and Joe’s daughters, Rachel (a music teacher at Reeves Rogers Elementary School), and Bridgette (a senior at Lipscomb University) help things run smoothly at the bustling site which is open Thursdays Sundays through Dec. cake decorations supplier

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silicone mould This project uses a 2 liter bottle and an aluminum pie plate to construct an awesome little bird feeder. It would be a fun craft to do with kids, especially since it will draw beautiful birds to your yard. If you live in a bird rich area like Miami, landscapers can also help you pick bird friendly plants to encourage even more feathered friends to stop by silicone mould.