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Bowman, who has been with the department for almost a year, is

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Me lo «com» en tres das!!! me encant la redaccin, directa pero precisa. Me encantaron los nombres propios (conozco personalmente a varios de los que nombrs, ja ja) y tiene la cuota justa entre informacin dura y opinin. Maana me har un rato para publicar algo al respecto en mi blog.

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cheap jerseys The driver of the Pontiac withMonteithhas not been arrested or charged, and the person’s name will not be released until charges are filed, Bialas said.Bowman, who has been with the department for almost a year, is expected to make a full recovery and return to work, Pembina County Sheriff Terry Meidinger said. He’s been placed on paid administrative leave in the meantime.Monteith was arrested without a warrant yesterday, but a formal warrant was issued in court records for him Tuesday as he isn’t in Pembina County jail yet.His first court appearance on the charges has not been scheduled.Attempted murder, the most severe charge filed against Monteith, carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and $20,000 fine.Cass County District Court records show Monteith also faces aggravated assault charges for a 2014 case accusing him of hitting another man in the head with a hammer after the two had a verbal and physical altercation in Fargo.The records show he posted bail several times, and failed to show up for a May 23 change of plea hearing. His defense attorney in the case has asked to withdraw from representing Monteith, but no decision has been made.Clifford Edward Monteith III, 26, was placed in Pembina County custody Monday night, but he hasn’t been booked in the county jail yet https://www.cheapnflauthenticjerseys.top/, State’s Attorney Ryan Bialas said.But Monteith was charged Tuesday afternoon with four felonies criminal attempted murder, breaking into a vehicle, simple assault and disarming or attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer cheap jerseys.