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During today’s summing up the judge

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canada goose Scales of Justice at the Old Bailey (Image: PA)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersA Runcorn dad accused of stabbing his own sleeping son in the neck said he found his own brother half naked and in bed with the boy’s mother on the night he was injured.Today the defendant claimed he told a 999 operator that the two buy canada goose jacket cheap year old had been canadian goose jacket ‘stabbed with a knife’ because the boy’s mother had told him, and not because he had known what had happened.Prosecutor Oliver King challenged on why he had not said that during police interview.The defendant, who cannot be identified, said it was because canada goose store he ‘wasn’t 100% at the time’, having taken cocaine and alcohol on the night of the incident in Runcorn in March last year.But Mr King said he had been with a solicitor and could have asked to stop the interview, but did not.Mr King said the interviewing officer had asked him ‘did anyone tell you what had happened?’ to which the defendant replied ‘no, I think (the child’s mother) said, I can’t remember what she said’.The prosecutor also pressed him on why he had said ‘sorry little man’ during the 999 call.The man, in his mid 30s, said it about his was when he trying to mop up the blood from the wound with a towel and was worried about hurting him.Earlier in the trial, a custody officer had said she had heard the defendant saying ‘what have I done?’ two or possibly more times.Flats at centre of drug, intimidation and abuse reports closed for three monthsDefendant was ‘tapping his head on the walls and swaying’ During the judge’s summing up, the Chester Crown Court heard civilian custody officer Francesca Sandiford had said the defendant had been ‘tapping his head on the walls and swaying’, and at times was ‘on the floor rocking in the foetal position’ while in his cell. She had seen other distressed behaviour during her buy canada goose jacket 30 year career but ‘not to this extent’.Tom Watson, defending, read a statement submitted on September 21 from the boy’s paternal grandmother Canada Goose Online who said she had received a text after the incident in which the toddler’s mother had said either the defendant or someone else had stabbed the boy.He also told the court that the custody officer had testified that the accused had asked after his son’s welfare while in the cell.Paternity row observed by canada goose coats on sale witnesses The trial previously heard allegations the defendant attacked his son in a Canada Goose online jealous rage due to a row over whether or not he was the boy’s real father.A DNA test has since confirmed his paternity.A row had broken out between the man and his on off partner over the paternity of their two sons, concerning child support and general parenting. She had gone to bed after they appeared to calm down, hug and make up.The defendant’s brother had already gone up to her bed to ‘get his head down’ and sleep.During today’s summing up the judge, Mr Recorder Stephen Riordan, described the various witness acounts.The defendant had said that at one point during the night he walked into the bedroom of the toddler’s mother and she was in bed https://www.unicorndesigns.ca canada goose outlet canada goose coats with one of the defendant’s brothers, and his trousers were Canada Goose Jackets halfway down and his genitals exposed.Drugs labs busted and nine arrested as search teams from TWO probes hit Merseyside suspectsAnger over alleged ‘threesome’ offer The accused canada goose uk black friday claimed he said ‘what canada goose clearance the f’s going on?’ when his partner asked him to have a threesome with her and his brother canada goose.