We must not allow someone to leave our presence without feeling better and happier!



It is in our hands to change this world for a better one!

ORIGINAL FOUNDATION is a non-profit civil association that promotes educational aspirations to low-income people, providing the necessary help and tools for family welfare. It promotes the values of solidarity and generosity to create social welfare in our state. All this to improve the living conditions of our beneficiaries.

We are living difficult times, in which childhood and youth, due to family conflicts, economic problems and many other difficulties, drop out of school, are caught by vagrancy, work derived from need or organized crime, and fall into addictions. Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this lifestyle is the lack of love and communication in a nuclear family.

We work through 3 programs at Original Foundation, to provide comprehensive care to our beneficiaries:

• Education

• Health & Wellness

• Community Engagement


We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that, through the resorts of Original Group, allows travelers to make a lasting impact in communities of the Riviera Maya. You make a priceless improvement in the lives of local children and families by packing donations for the projects we support in your luggage. Please click on the following links to see what donations are needed for the projects of each of our hotels:
Temptation Cancun Resort
Desire Riviera Maya Resort
Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Pack for a Purpose