We must not allow someone to leave our presence without feeling better and happier!



We need generous and committed people like you! With your contribution, we can continue to support more people in need.


The work of the Original Foundation is upheld thanks to donations received from generous people, supporting causes that generate an impact on our society. You can help generate positive changes in our beneficiaries by making a financial donation or similar.


Other donations

You can donate clothes, shoes, toys, books, and new furniture or in good condition, which will be sold at our annual sale (bazaar), to generate resources to continue our programs.


Financial donations

You can donate in cash to our account. We need your support; your donation is very important to continue working and helping the people who need it most. All donations are tax deductible, if you require a tax receipt, just send us an email with your tax information and proof of your donation to direccion@fundacionoriginal.org and we will send you your receipt.


Financial Donations to the Account:

Fundación Original, A. C.
Bank: Banorte
Account number: 0664277477
Bank key: 072691006642774779