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Support students with limited resources that have the desire to excel, so they can continue their academic and human formation in an integral way, by granting scholarships for secondary and higher education.


  • Today for you
  • Scholarships: high school and university

“Today for you” Program

This program aims to help low-income children by providing them with necessities and school supplies twice a year (August and December). For this, we seek the support of sponsors who donate cash or similar.

By accepting to be the Sponsor of a child, you will be promoting love, trust and generosity. In addition, your help will strengthen the work and results of the Original Foundation in order to offer children the necessary tools for their educational and physical development, and support for their families, which thanks to your donation, will encourage their children to continue and conclude with their basic education studies, resulting in a better, more prepared society in Cancun, remembering that education is the foundation for the development of any country.


High School and University Scholarships

The purpose of these scholarships is to generate opportunities for educational and human development, through financial support, maintenance and training.