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Provide guidance and assistance to beneficiaries in vulnerable conditions, through the identification of resources necessary to achieve integral wellbeing, aimed towards people who do not have the economic solvency to receive timely attention.


  • Health fair
  • Psychological Support
  • Workshops
  • Prevention and occupational health


Health fair

The Health Fair is an event that offers training and education measures to improve health, promoting healthy habits through a series of activities such as talks about addiction prevention, nutrition, measure of height and weight, eye exams, etc.

It aims to promote interest in collaborators for health care and awareness, as well as the timely prevention of diseases.

Psychological Support

Emotional health is being aware of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. There are healthy ways to cope with stress and problems that are part of a normal life. Poor emotional health can weaken your immune system causing your physical health to deteriorate. We offer 2 types of therapies:

  • Psychological therapy for adults
  • Psychological therapy for children (emotional, language, and learning).



Designed to strengthen family ties, aimed to generate tools for participants to improve their role within the family circle, applying the principles of positive discipline, thus having better communication and well-being within the family nucleus.

These workshops are practical, where through specific activities; current, essential topics, related to the education of the children, will be addressed.

  • “Original Mom & Dad” Workshop
  • “My son, Myself” Workshop


Social and Professional Re-integration

The objective of this program is to contribute to the social and professional reintegration of people with alcoholism through rehabilitation programs.