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Privacy Policy


ORIGINAL FOUNDATION is committed to granting its guests a service with the highest quality standards. We believe that we can establish better communication links by offering clear information about our policies, since we understand that it is important for you to know how we use the information provided to us.

ORIGINAL FOUNDATION assures you that we strictly adhere to the following confidentiality policies, when it comes to managing your personal or business data:

POLICY 1: We receive general information such as names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. This information is generated through our website ORIGINAL FOUNDATION.

We can enrich this information with data from other sources in order to create more effective communication strategies, and to create better products and services that meet our customer’s needs.

POLICY 2: Your data will be handled confidentially and exclusively for business and marketing purposes by ORIGINAL FOUNDATION. You can be assured that we do not provide or sell information about our clients to any person or organization outside our company. However, we can work with partners of ORIGINAL FOUNDATION, and use your data to make you aware of products with added value that may be of your interest and that are directly related to our services.

POLICY 3: We will not use your home address to send promotions through any kind traditional messaging. We will only use e-mail addresses you have provided to us to send you information about our offers and special promotions.

POLICY 4: All the data, including your credit card information, provided to us through the internet when making your reservation, is encrypted for greater security and protection. This procedure was designed to prevent any unauthorized entity from trying to intercept or access your bank account details.

You can request that we discontinue the use of the information that you have provided to us at any time, as well as discard your e-mail for future offers and promotions.

Contact us via e-mail: legal@originalresorts.com. Please, provide your name and e-mail, tell us what promotion you received, and we will proceed to discard your data from our listings.

En cualquier momento que usted lo decida, podrá solicitar que descontinuemos el uso de la información que nos haya proporcionado, así como descartar su correo para envíos de ofertas y promociones futuras.