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Except when this happensThese swish new @Buseireann buses

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canada goose Tags Bus Bus Eireann Busaras Public Transport Tweets See other tags Tags 16 tweets only regular Bus Eireann passengers will appreciate Luggage doors operatin’. By Valerie Loftus Tuesday 5 Apr 2016, 11:20 AM Apr 5th 2016, 11:20 AM 5,568 Views 1 Comment http://canada goose jackets uk/2698618 Share76 Tweet Email1 1. Because the timetables may as well be printed in Greek Source: Instagram/eamons85Honestly who can read them Bus Eireann timetables though— Nathan (@tylerdurdenbae) March 31, 2016 Source: Nathan/Twitter2.my only goal in life is to be able to read a Bus Éireann timetable without hassle— Daniel (@DanBrien101) July 19, 2015 Source: Daniel/Twitter3. And it’s weird when you’re NOT accosted by a pigeon in Busáras Source: Instagram/engageirelandI've been sitting in Busaras for an hour and haven't been attacked by a pigeon yet. I'm expecting a pigeon apocalypse any moment now.— Laura (@Laurahashmurphy) January 4, 2015 Source: Laura/Twitter4. No other words neededBuseireann should rent out tickets at Halloween for them toilets because they are scary as f*ck— Kevin Mc Cabe (@KevinMcCabee) September 26 canada goose sale , 2015 Source: Kevin Mc Cabe/Twitter5.I have nightmares about the Busaras toilets— Duchess (@Sunny_Goth) March 11, 2016 Source: Duchess/Twitter6. The dodgy Wifi speaks to your soulMe too, Bus Eireann WiFi, me too xo pic.twitter.com/Hzl9XH3Rg8— Dylan. (@creamygoodness_) March 4, 2016 Source: Dylan./Twitter7. The palpable excitement when (some) buses got plugs Source: Instagram/shinyshonaJesus, Bus Eireann got plugs on their buses, WE'RE MOVING UP IN THE WORLD— Suzie (@SwiftlySuzie) January 15, 2016 Source: Suzie/Twitter8. Except when this happensThese swish new @Buseireann buses would be even cooler if the plugs worked— champagnepuppy (@straighterfaces) February 28 www.yokosukabase.com , 2016 Source: champagnepuppy/Twitter9. And it happens a lotI hate how half the time Bus Eireann have their plugs turned off like hello I need to charge my phone— Nicole ❤️‍ (@nicolemccarron_) January 24, 2016 Source: Nicole ❤️‍/Twitter10. The rest stops on long journeys are key, and must be respected Source: Instagram/raybriggs78The bus driver didn't stop in Longford. Myself and my bladder are outraged.— Reine de la Frite (@Moragis_haggis) May 22, 2014 Source: Reine de la Frite/Twitter11. Cos otherwise you won’t get to pee for YEARSpee anxiety sponsored by bus eireann— s w a l l (@saowall) May 22, 2015 Source: s w a l l/Twitter12. Each bus has its own micro-climateBus Eireann logic: heaters on on the hot days, air conditioning on on the cold days.— Hans Moleman (@Ginger_wby) August 28, 2015 Source: Hans Moleman/Twitter13. Which does not help the many hungover people who use them Source: Instagram/jesuisravagesNobody deserves to travel over 3 hours with Bus Éireann while dying inside from alcohol overconsumption. Pretty sure it's a circle in hell.— Sally-Ann M. (@crehanalegend) January 24, 2014 Source: Sally-Ann M./Twitter14. It’s certainly not glamorousHave @Buseireann modelled their public toilets on Resident Evil or Silent Hill? Can't decide, it's so close.— Darren Morrow (@eirebadboy) October 15, 2015 Source: Darren Morrow/Twitter15. But you do see some lovely things from time to timeShoutout to my @Buseireann driver for getting off and helping an elderly lady on to the bus, lovely to see.— Aoife Plunkett (@aoifeplunkie) April 1, 2016 Source: Aoife Plunkett/Twitter16. And you’re going to hear this in the back of your mind, forever Source: Instagram/blnmulliganThink when I die I'm going to have my coffin loured into the ground to the tune of Bus Eireann's "stand clear luggage door operating"— Alex Kiernan (@AlexRKiernan) November 23, 2015 Source: Alex Kiernan/Twittercanada goose outlet is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! canada goose parka