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«Fairness ordinances do not give any one set of people any

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Even though Morgan works for one of these companies, he doesn’t buy into the accuracy of the product. How could he? «We were doing our own internal tests when I started, and I took the same test five times in five weeks, and I got different results each time. One of the lab assistants wasn’t upset about it. «There was also present the fear of retaliation for refusal to follow a manager’s directive.» ABUSE, from A1 b y the Louisville based Fairness Coalition showing a majority of Kentucky residents actually approve of the changes. «Fairness ordinances do not give any one set of people any special rights,» Brantley told t he commission. «ese ordinances simply level the playing eld for everyone.» One of those leading the charge against the law was Danville resident Martin Cothran, who is a senior policy analyst with the cons ervative group Family Foundation of Kentucky.

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