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He lives right, he acts right, treats his teammates right

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Not only is he a good player Cheap Jerseys from china, he’s a great man. He treats those kids with kindness, with a firm hand of accountability at the same time, and he’s a good pro. He lives right, he acts right, treats his teammates right. Whatever my punishments are I accept them because I put myself in that situation. I’ve got to control my emotions better.

We have had our time to be honored. I felt the name on the back of my jersey was to honor the players and for my mother in the stands. But I have always played for the logo on the front.. «We really had a rebound game from Ottawa,» Foligno said. «We still feel like the effort’s always there every night but we were just on the bad end of some things. Again resiliency and hard work, that’s what our line’s about.

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