¡No debemos permitir que alguien se aleje de nuestra presencia sin sentirse mejor y más feliz!



¡En nuestras manos está cambiar
este mundo por uno mejor!

«I just hope you can come down to enjoy it

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cheap jordans from china It would be hard to write a better scenario for the upcoming PFO trip to Rosarito Beach, August 24 26. The weather is perfect, there is a blues festival at the Rosarito Beach Hotel that weekend, the lobster dinners delicious and the fishing red hot. Mike Slater of the Gamefisher Ensenada is reporting excellent yellowtail fishing inside the Bay. «The yellowtail bite has been wide open with flat calm seas and the fish from 6 10 miles from the Hotel Coral,» said Slater. «Fishing doesn get much better.»Slater said that offshore, there was good bluefin tuna, one boat had 20 albacore yesterday, dorado and yelowtail on kelps. «The water temps. here are 72 degrees and that seems to have the fish biting.»Anglers should have a umjordanshoes.com couple of outfits; a 25 and 40 pound outfit will fit this bite perfectly. Slater has an open party trip departing the Hotel Coral Marina this Saturday for offshore. «We are looking for a big trip this wekend,» said Slater. the Phil Friedman Outdoors Group, things could not look any brighter. «I was on the last trip to Rosarito and it was a blast,» said Cruz Soto from Wilmington. «The bus picked us up on the US side of the border and PFO took care of the rest.» are still a few spots left on this great trip so make sure you text or give Phil a call if you want to go.»Right now is the best fishing of 2012 in Ensenada,» said Slater. «I just hope you can come down to enjoy it.» will be on PFO Radio this Thursday at 8PM. If you can listen live, you can still listen to the archived shows and get all the latest from beautiful Ensenada. The BAJA NOW segment of the show starts at 9:30pm.READ MORE ON PHILIP FRIEDMAN OUTDOOR NEWS:Bring PFO Productions on your next trip to create a memory for a lifetime62 pound white seabass takes WON Tournament cheap jordans from china.