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In extreme cases illegal «schools» are being created to avoid

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canada goose clearance sale Welby needs to read some Plato!Ofsted is the UK Office for Standards in Education, Children Services and Skills, and here what they reported (my emphases):An increasing number of conservative faith schools are deliberately flouting British values and seek to isolate young people from the mainstream,Ofstedwarned today in a damning report.Some religious schools in both the state and independent sectors are spreading discriminatory beliefs that clash with British values. In extreme cases illegal «schools» are being created to avoid teaching the fundamental values of democracy, mutual tolerance and respect.Launching her first annual report as Ofsted’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman said inspectors have found texts in faith canada goose outlet new york city schools that encourage domestic violence and the subjugation of women, and schools where there is a «flat refusal» to acknowledge lesbian, gay and bisexual people.She said: «When I see books in schools entitled Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell, children being educated in dank, squalid conditions, children being taught solely religious texts at the expense of learning basic English and mathematics, I cannot let it be ignored.Guess which religion(s) are involved. No faith is mentioned here, but another report in the paper says this:The majority of the schools [Spielman] criticises are Muslim, though there are also a small number of Jewish schools which fail on integration.So, canada goose outlet canada you Brits, Scots, and Welsh, your tax money is going to fund homophobia and misogyny canada goose clearance sale.