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Kudos to the parents who are raising their kids to cheap

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In our last videos, we learned about the importance of dealing with financial debt. Today, we are going to continue our discussion on growing wealth by pointing out methods of saving and investing. This section is not designed to be comprehensive. Your first impression: What a sumptuous space! No matter where your eyes settle, there’s some fascinating detail to hold your gaze: the fish shaped sculpture above your head, the hand painted ceramic tiles beneath your feet or a server torching the bottom of a spoon of spreadable salami, to bring up its spicy flavor. Then the food starts flowing from the visible kitchen, which includes a dedicated paella stove, and your attention is fixed on such riches (and rich they are) as blushing lamb chops arranged with fried artichokes and creamy Manchego sauce. I knew that spring had truly sprung when I saw a classic potato omelet arranged with wild ramps and dabs of aioli, pale green with the season’s garlic.

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