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Mega Crossover: Kaspar’s world is a mix

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When course two came out of the oven and the savoury aroma reached our noses we all smiled at each other and used the international symbol for delicious. Pinch all of your fingers together and kiss them. Then explode them like a firework. Though it’s eventually explained. Not What It Looks Like: Coleman is disturbed when he overhears Artemus and Jim touching each other’s «breasts.» Obviously Evil: Downplayed with McGrath; he’s ugly, dirty, rude, a bigot, and a nasty person overall, and he’s clearly evil; but he’s a lesser evil compared to Loveless. Of Corsets Sexy: Pretty much every female character’s costume for most of the film (except for Garcelle Beauvais, who went without.) Official Parody One Bullet Left: Artemus Gordon’s derringer has only one bullet and he uses it to disable Loveless’ spider legs.

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