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One of the finest real ale pubs in the region

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The Fourth of July parade featured the theme “Back the Blue,” a popular slogan used to show support to local law enforcement agencies. The parade kicked off with a long brigade of police officers from the entire county and followed with firefighters and other first responders. Many floats that were in the parade carried American flags with blue thin lines, showing their support to the local law enforcement..

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uk moncler sale Birmingham, B18 6AQ. Tel: 0121 448 3866These Birmingham pubs ranked the best in The Great uk moncler outlet British Pub AwardsThe Red Lion This hideaway pub in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter moncler womens jackets has a small beer garden. Its walls bear old pub signs and murals, including Banksy’s Charlie Chaplain.There are sheltered areas, a plasma TV for showing sport, and first rate food served from the bar.Definitely worth a visit for its roast dinners too.Popular and friendly, the Black Eagle is in Hockley, just a couple of hundred yards from Benson Road Metro Station on the Wolverhampton to Birmingham Midland Metro line.One of the finest real ale pubs in the region, it has a moncler outlet prices leafy beer garden that is a surprising hidden oasis in this largely industrial setting.. uk moncler sale

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