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playing the waiting game on licensing anime

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Unfortunately, playing the waiting game on licensing anime while the manga is licensed means I won’t usually buy the anime when it comes out on the basis I already have the manga (case in point, Monster and Viz’s sloth like handling of the anime, by that point, I already had the anime and I am not paying again for the exact same content animated). And as much as I love Kekkaishi, I’m perfectly happy with the 20 volumes of the manga I already own, I doubt I’ll even see the series (unless I catch it on [as]) as I’d rather just continue on the manga route when it comes to actually buying it.A while ago,pandora jewelry I saw Night Head Genesis via fansubs, but this one is worth owning for me. A store I know had a complete set but curses, now it does not! I think they’ll get another one in eventually, so I’ll just have to bide my time, I can be patient, or I can get it at Otakon.

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