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She buys local rum (the island is studded with distilleries)

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Say you need some follow up questions for the interview. This will instigate another hangout that we will call a «pseudo date.» Tell him or her you should «meet for coffee.» It should be blatantly obvious to her that this is a date. Why would you ever ask a platonic friend to share a caffeinated beverage with you? Make sure you come prepared.

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His dating life until meeting his wife was rife with doubts about whether and when to share his secret. I was struck by a tiny word at the beginning of a passage midway through: «We’d had the accident at the age when your identity is pretty much up for grabs. Before it, I hadn’t been so introspective; I’d had nothing to introspect about.» Rarely has the word we been so huge and so heartbreaking.