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So eventually Obi Wan stalks down to the outfitting office and

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meet the homegrown athletes competing at x games

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moncler sale outlet I know people make fun of Anakin dark colored robes because it such a blatant EVIL gesture by the costuming department, but I have this headcanon that he actually wore robes much the same colors as Obi Wan for a while with no strong objections, but he ruined them at a catastrophic rate while working on droids and ships and such because moncler outlet the oil and grease stains don wash out. So eventually Obi Wan stalks down to the outfitting office and finds the darkest colored robes available and orders four sets for Anakin and tells him he won get another solitary tabard for a whole year, so he best not ruin these. Thankfully dark browns and blacks are the same colors as grease cheap moncler outlet and oil. moncler sale outlet

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