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The company noted its outlook for 2008 had not changed since it

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replica celine bags The company has so far bought back 49 million shekels worth of its own shares.The company noted its outlook for 2008 had not changed since it issued fourth quarter results in February, when it predicted growth in revenue and profit but at a slower pace than in 2007 as it invests in 3G content and in attracting new customers.Partner, which has a 32 percent market share, added a net 24,000 new subscribers in the January to March period, to bring its total subscriber base to 2.82 million 753,000 of which are customers of its lucrative third generation (3G) network.It said, though, that at the beginning of 2008 it adopted a more conservative and rigorous policy for counting prepaid subscribers, noting it was now only recognising prepaid subscribers once the SIM cards purchased are actually Celine Outlet used.The change reduced its subscriber base on Jan. 1 by 61,000.Service revenue rose 6.7 percent to 1.3 billion shekels, reflecting growth in the subscriber base, higher content and data revenue and an increase in average minutes of use.Revenue gains were partly offset by a regulatory mandate beginning on March 1 to lower interconnect tarriffs by 14 percent as well as competitive pressures. (Additional reporting by Aarthi Sivaraman; Editing by David Holmes). replica celine bags

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