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«The man and the dog» shows a day in the life of an elderly

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«Any cut flower arrangement will last longer if it’s kept cool. Place it where it won’t be exposed to direct sun, heat from appliances or electric lights, or hot or cold drafts. If possible, move it to a cool spot at night. Sarah Kelly, Kimberly’s daughter, is one of Brian’s biggest fans. «When I took an entrance exam for Bishop [Diego High School], I had to write an essay about someone who inspired me,» Sarah said. «I wrote about my uncle, how he was a women’s softball coach, and he kept working, and ended up in his dream job.» Sarah is a sophomore at Bishop Diego..

«The man and the dog» shows a day in the life of an elderly man whose dog never leaves his side and follows him everywhere he goes. The dog is by the man’s side when he wakes up in the morning. The dog waits patiently outside a cafe while the man enjoys coffee with friends at a caf..

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