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«The market will grow since contact lens penetration rates in

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Sales have flattened, Bausch Lomb estimates the overall market in China will grow 10% to 15% a year for ordinary vision correcting lenses, and 20% to 30% annually for cosmetic lenses that enable users to change the color of their pupils or give the appearance of larger eyes.»The market will grow since contact lens penetration rates in China are much lower than the rest of the world,» said Ian Dolling, business unit director for Bausch Lomb in Shanghai. «As the economy develops, more people can afford to purchase contact lenses.»The same can be said for laser corrective surgery, which was introduced to China in the mid 1990s and has grown steadily to 1 million procedures a year.Experts remain divided on how much genetics is to blame for China’s struggle with myopia. Scientists have found more than two dozen genes linked to the problem, especially for the most severe forms of the condition.

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