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The massive US pressure was resented by the common Pakistani

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Celine Luggage Tote Replica Because Replica Celine Handbags I don’t make Best Celine Replica more, I’m going to Best Celine Replica punish my team by only giving 50%. I just want to draw a check until something better comes along. My responsibilities keep changing. Are we going to still give our money away to people who support the Taliban and put our intelligence assets at risk?»Nawaz said the Davis incident had been handled very badly by both sides, but more so by Washington, which had put Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s government between a rock and a hard place. The massive US pressure was resented by the common Pakistani, and if Davis were released now without going through the judicial process, the Zardari government would become even more unpopular than it already was.A man holds a photograph of US national Raymond Davis during a rally in IslamabadPhotographs: Faisal Mahmood/Reuters»The US put out its statement (that Davis should be released because he has diplomatic immunity) a little too early before it had prepared the groundwork for some resolution of this issue,» Nawaz said.He pointed out that two days after President Obama’s diplomatic immunity remarks, it became known that Davis was a CIA contractor.»Clearly,» Nawaz continued, «he (Obama) must have been briefed (that Davis was a CIA operative).» Hence, Nawaz added, Obama’s statement put the US government in an awkward position and compounded the problems for the Zardari government.Nawaz dismissed some of the so called claims reported to have been made by then Pakistan foreign minister Mahmoud Qureshi, alleging that Qureshi had been asked to backdate the diplomatic immunity for Davis and his refusal had cost him the foreign minister portfolio.A man poses with a mask during a protest against Davis in KarachiPhotographs: Athar Hussain/Reuters»I haven’t heard anything on that except what he’s been saying. But, if in fact that was the case, he could have issued a statement in the first 24 hours and resigned,» Nawaz said.Cohen said the US Pakistan relationship evidently on hold right now was «salvageable.»»Had this been settled quietly by both intelligence services early on, we would have been much better off, because on one hand, what the Americans were doing in Pakistan is a deep insult to Pakistani pride and integrity at a moment when their pride and integrity is being weakened,» he said Celine Luggage Tote Replica.