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The roughness of the landscape is then determined by both the

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These networks/phases can be either highly connected and stressed rigid (for example, silica rich silicates), or strongly depolymerized and flexible (for example, pyrosilicates SiO2 2Na2O)30.The physical picture that emerges from our findings is the following. In densified NS2 liquids, the RW is a direct consequence of the formation of an isostatic structure that minimizes both stress (nc>3) and the low frequency deformation (floppy, nc38 describing in a simple way the effect of rigidity on the relaxation in relationship with the underlying energy landscape2. The roughness of the landscape is then determined by both the bond and the floppy mode density, the former (an increasing function of pressure or connectivity) contributing to energy basins or inherent structures, while the latter (a decreasing function of pressure) leads to channels in the landscape, which extend the possibilities of relaxation.

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