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[M] 7 points submitted 3 months agoThe RES team are not paid to support any platform, we support based on ease of porting and managing the codebase (Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera all use the same webextensions codebase with a few polyfills where required), Safari does not support this and requires development in their own format.Dropping Safari support was never solely about money as many think it is, we do not have a vendetta against Apple. The discussion lasted many weeks over the future of Safari support, it was not something we took lightly.If Apple (Safari) decided to join the standardisation effort and add webextensions support, great we would probably re release. But with Xcode being required and not all core developers having access to it, it makes it hard to develop RES at the same time for all browsers when specific developers are focused on a single platform as opposed to the whole extension.During the period of support, when we submitted to Apple we would sometimes never hear back from them on the status of approval.

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