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Which, coincidentally leads us into the 80 Plus test results

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«I am not resigning. When POC are respected by this WH they are willing to do real work, I’ll sit down with them. People are traumatized,» she tweeted. This is good, but it certainly isn the best we have seen as this unit really only cleanly bests the OCZ ZT 650W when it comes to power supplies we would not be embarrassed to bring home to mom. The efficiency ranged from 79.09% to 87.18% at 120v and 78.72% to 85.53% at 100v which is also a bit weak compared to what we would expect from an 80 Plus Bronze power supply. Which, coincidentally leads us into the 80 Plus test results where this unit showed efficiency values of 80.83% 85.84% 84.50% using 80 Plus load testing parameters.

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