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Why I ended up with ABBA, I don’t even know

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I have no idea, OK? When you’ve had a career this long, you don’t remember certain things because there’s too many things to remember. Why I ended up with ABBA, I don’t even know. I just think, «How did that ever happen? Who canada goose outlet uk asked me to do that?» And then canada goose outlet online the first time I really loved them, I remember «Waterloo,» «Mamma Mia» and «Dancing Queen.» That was my first realization of ABBA.

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canadian goose jacket Remember all that «10» stuff we mentioned up top, about the date, the time between albums, the number of letters in the titles and canada goose jacket outlet whatnot? Want more? Radiohead themselves announced In Rainbows only 10 days before it came out (which is rather unusual), and the announcement was followed by a series of 10 cryptic messages posted by the band on their website. That’s nothing new: Cryptic messages might be the only way alternative rock musicians know how to communicate. But then Radiohead fans, being Radiohead fans, noticed that the messages emphasized the letter X (one image was titled «Xendless Xurbia») canadian goose jacket.