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With 15 calories in two thirds of a cup

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The song is excellent; it is underpinned with a churning, noodling bass line, and her vocals keen and rise in places (although, again, I don’t have a clue what she is saying, and I don’t care). In a true indicator of social norms (European blas versus American puckered conservatism) the televised «performance» of this song occurs on a stage set featuring a bed. A male is reclining on the bed listening to records France walks over and sits on the foot of the bed while he is on it!! That would’ve been just too awful and scarring to see on TV in America.

The producers obviously knew something was strange, but since he wasn’t technically cheating, they gave him what he won. In 1984, he had what would be about a quarter million in today’s dollars. That’s so much more than you need to buy happiness if you’re the kind of person content with game show rerun marathons.

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(Dillon Hodgin/CBC)Graves said these «creative solutions» are nothing new, noting spikes, gates and flower pots have long been used in the past to keep people from lying down.»Nobody is more frustrated than the people that need to sleep outside,» she said. «If we are giving approval to businesses to open and displace people, then they should be part of the solution,» she said.Business owners say homeless people often sleep outside of their store. They say they often have to clean up after them.