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With days to go before the 27 EU leaders are expected to

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Siberian Tiger Flees Cave of Sleeping Female Leopard

Sightings of the endangered Siberian tiger are uncommon, and footage of Canada Goose Jackets the tiger near other big cats is even rarer. A Russian nature reserve has caught both an adult Amur tiger and a leopard camping out in front canada goose outlet store locations of the same cave, in stunning shots from the country’s Far East.

The video, from a camera mounted in the snow of a nature reserve in the Primorye region, canada goose store showed a tiger sniffing around the snow to find a small cave in a nearby rock wall. The tiger peeked in but grew dissuaded from entering and left. The recording then cut to show a much smaller cat a canada goose coats on https://www.goosesale.ca sale female leopard casually exiting the cave for a stretch after a snooze.

«We checked the cave especially canada goose black friday sale to make sure that there was only one entrance to it,» said Viktor Storozhuk, an engineer and researcher for Leopard Land reserve. Upon closer inspection, scientists 2018 canada goose outlet realized that the footage of canada goose the two cats peering in and out my website of the same hole was actually five days apart, and some of the footage between the two canada goose coats scenes had been lost. That is not to say something much bigger did not spook the tiger. That is not to say canada goose clearance sale something much bigger did not Canada Goose online spook the tiger. «The tiger was not frightened by the leopard, but more likely he spotted a hibernating bear in the cave.»

Bartek, a 1 year old male Amur tiger, looks out from an open air cage at the Royev Canada Goose Online Ruchey zoo, on the suburbs of Russia Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, on May canada goose clearance 18, 2013. Ilya Naymushin/

According to the reserve’s record, leopards are highly skilled at sensing buy canada goose jacket bigger predators and fleeing, so any close interaction between the tiger and its smaller, spotted cousin Canada Goose sale is unlikely to have happened, even off camera. Recordings of Canada Goose Coats On Sale run ins and conflicts between species in the reserve are virtually nonexistent.

made canadian goose jacket national headlines at the time. A tiger even made it on the short list to be the mascot for the soccer World Cup in Russia next summer. A tiger canada goose deals even made it on the short list to be the mascot for the soccer World Cup in Russia next summer. The tiger lost out to Zabivaka, the wolf. With days to go before the 27 EU leaders are expected to welcome the two sides coming together over a 129 page withdrawal agreement, including Canada Goose Parka the terms of the transition, Madrid said it was withholding Canada Goose Outlet its support.

Ant McPartlin to step down from TV work following drink buy canada goose jacket cheap drive arrestAnt McPartlin is stepping down from his TV work cheap Canada Goose and is to seek rehab following his arrest for suspected drink driving, his publicist has said. canada goose outlet toronto factory A statement from McPartlin publicist said: «Ant has decided to go back into treatment and step down from his current TV commitments. «He has spoken with Dec and ITV today and asked for time off for the foreseeable future.23 Russian diplomats flown back to Moscow23 Russian diplomats and their families have left the UK in canada goose replica an expulsion following the Salisbury nerve agent attack. Diplomatic vehicles drove them from the embassy in London to Stansted Airport, where they boarded a plane to Moscow.