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Yahoo News has a good recap of recent (major) El Nino events

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Warming Water a Factor in Lake Mille Lacs Walleye Drought

«It’s not the heat, it’s the humility!» Stupid auto correct. Sorry. When in doubt cheap canada goose uk blame El Nino or the dew point, which rises into the drippy canadian goose jacket 70s the next couple of days. The Swamps of Minnesota!Before we wave our little white flags of surrender it’s helpful to keep some perspective. canada goose factory sale According to NOAA the Twin Cities have only experienced 28 hours with a heat index above 90F so far in 2015. Average, to date, is closer to 112 hours. When it comes to heat we don’t buy canada goose jacket have much Canada Goose online to gripe about this year.Today’s hot front may spark an early T storm but most of us won’t get rained on until Sunday, when the leading edge of cooler air sparks a ripple of showers and T storms. Assuming the sun is out much of today, Friday and Saturday (a pretty good bet) we should hit or top 90F each day. Factor in an oppressive 70 degree dew point and it Canada Goose Online should feel like mid to upper 90s for a few hours late Friday, again Saturday the better day of the weekend to hit the lake or golf course.The next surge of heat sparks another round of storms and locally heavy rain next Wednesday Thursday.A brewing Super El Nino may favor a warm, wet bias into September; another super sized summer?Another Round of Severe Storms for the Brainerd Lakes. A supercell thunderstorm whipped up 2 4″ diameter (golfball to baseball) size hail Wednesday evening, along with wind gusts as high as 60 70 mph, downing more trees. NOAA has a complete, updated chronology of storm damageTowering Cumulonimbus. Visible satellite imagery at 7:45 PM Wednesday evening showed the severe thunderstorms that sprouted over the Red River Valley, the northwest side of these towers illuminated by the setting sun; overshooting tops as high as 50,000 to 55,000 feet above the ground marking the most violent upward motion within each cell standing out like nubs on top of the thunderstorm anvils. Prevailing jet stream winds swept those cirrus anvils southeast. Imagery: AerisWeather.7 Day Rainfall Potential. More heavy rain is predicted for Florida (just what the Tampa area doesn’t need right now). NOAA models are also showing some 1 2″+ amounts from eastern South Dakota into much of central and western Minnesota between now canada goose coats on sale and next Thursday.GFS Guidance. The 10 Day outlook calls for a wetter, slightly cooler spell of weather next week, coming after a few days at or just above 90F (today into Saturday). Right now Saturday looks like the sunnier, hotter, drier day Canada Goose Coats On Sale of the weekend a better chance of T storms Saturday night into canada goose clearance sale a portion of Sunday as cooler Canada Goose Outlet air approaches. Model guidance: NOAA.Central and Eastern Europe Simmering Canada Goose Parka in Historic Heat Wave. Although the duration of extreme heat is less than 2003, the intensity is even greater. A number of locations in Germany set all time highs last Friday and more records are likely to fall over Canada Goose Jackets the coming days, particularly in eastern Europe. The heat wave commenced late last week. On Friday, Weather Underground meteorologist Bob Henson reported Berlin was uk canada goose among more than 100 towns and cities in Germany that tied or canada goose uk shop broke all time record highs. Berlin hit 102 degrees (38.9 Celsius) breaking its previous hottest temperature of 101.5 degrees (38.6 Celsius).»Map credit above: «Forecast for average temperature difference from normal Monday Friday this week.» Image obtained using Climate Reanalyzer, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, USA.Extreme Heat Events On The Rise. More severe heat waves in a warming canada goose coats world? That’s what climate models have predicted for 30+ years. Here’s an excerpt from their paper: «Climatic warming of about 0.5 C in the global mean since the 1970s has strongly increased the occurrence probability of heat extremes on monthly to seasonal time scales. For the 21st century, climate models predict more substantial warming. The data clearly show the high incidence of extreme heat is part of a systematic long term trend, not some black swan. And El Nio only plays a minor part. During 1950 1980, when also lots of El Nios happened, we had nothing like the current levels of extreme heat, which are even during normal years without El Nio much more widespread even than with the massive 1982/83 El Nio.»A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later New Orleans’ Tourism Industry Thrives. It’s practically been reinvented. New Orleans had just 3.7 million visitors canada goose clearance in 2006, the first full year after Katrina. Last year, there were 9.5 million visitors. The city has 600 more restaurants than 10 years ago. And hotel occupancy rates are higher than they were before the levees broke Aug. 29, 2005, flooding 80 percent of the city and killing hundreds.» (File image: NOAA).Do You Have What It Takes To Predict The Future? The Reality Behind Becoming a Meteorologist. It’s common to https://www.canadagoosejacketca.ca brush off meteorologists as a group of lying guessers, but it takes an incredible effort to accurately predict the future uk canada goose outlet every day. Meteorologists on Twitter are rumbling with an uneasy curiosity over a new reality show on a cable network famous for Conan and preempting episodes of Seinfeld to show midday baseball games.»A Guide To The Coming Weirdness of El Nino. Yahoo News has a good recap of recent (major) El Nino events, and what may lie ahead with the upcoming Super El Nino of 2015 2016; here’s a clip: «Wildfires torched 2 million acres in Australia. A blistering heat wave killed 2,800 in Indonesia. Thailand’s rice crop failed, causing prices to spike 80 percent. An «atmospheric river» flowed over Northern California, making it rain in San Francisco on 27 days in a single month. These are just a few of the dramatic effects of the El Nio years of 1982 83 and 1997 98, two of the strongest on record, inthe Pacific Rim. This year’sEl Nio, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, could be canada goose uk outlet even stronger, and researchers are finding strong evidence that global climate change could be a cause.»NASA’s 14 Second Video Says It All. A serious case of all or nothing when it comes to rainfall in 2015. and a very dry one for the West and Southwest. This year is expected to be the hottest on record and May and June already smashed records for heat and rainfall in many parts of the country. We know that with climate change, heavy downpours areincreasing, especially in areas that already receive abundant rainfall, while drought prone states like California canada goose black friday sale and the rest of the West continue to be mired in an epic drought.»What If The Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupted. Bend over and kiss your ash goodbye. cheap Canada Goose A plowable amount of volcanic ash would result, along with enough new aerosols in the upper atmosphere to cool the Earth by several degrees and create a temporary nuclear winter, capable canada goose uk black friday of decimating agriculture. Other than that nothing to worry buy canada goose jacket cheap about. Rescuers probably would have a tough time getting in there. The ash would block off all points of entry from Canada Goose sale the ground, and the spread of ash and gases into the atmosphere would stop most air travel, just as it did when a much smaller volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010.» [source: Lemas]. (File photo: USGS).Be Careful, canada goose store Your Love of Science Looks a Lot Like Religion. Extremism in any form is dangerous, and no, science doesn’t have all the answers. Why are we here, what comes next? Crickets. In 2013, a study published in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that when subjects were stressed, they were more likely to agree to statements typifying scientism such as, «the scientific method is the only reliable path to knowledge.»How Google Is Fighting ISIL in Syria. New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi writes from the battlefield that fighters are using Android powered Samsung tablets and Google Earth to track their Canada Goose Outlet battle lines and coordinate close air support with the US military.»It’s Hard Being «Donald Trump». Of course we’re talking about the other Donald Trump, the oncologist. First there is the pause, then the slight smirk or raised eyebrow and finally the stale joke. Something like, «Ha ha, you’re fired!» Such is the life of Dr. Donald L. Trump, an oncologist and cancer institute executive of no relation to Donald J. Trump, the bombastic businessman and Republican presidential candidate.»85 F. high temperature Wednesday in the Twin Cities.81 F. average high on August 12.80 F. high on August 12, 2014.August 12, 2000: Record setting dew points in Minnesota. The Twin Cities had a dew point of 76 with a rare 80 degree dew point at Faribault. Source: Twin Cities National Weather Service.August 12, 1821: The canada goose end of an eight day heat wave at Ft. Snelling. Temperatures were in the 90s each day.

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