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You can hear the interview here (press the button); it

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moncler outlet online Saliva, bile, tears are from duct glands in the body. The endocrine glands are moncler jackets for women known as ductless glands. The ductless glands secrete the secretions directly into the blood. Arriba. Asthma. Ataxia. Independent Elections Commission Chairman Abdul Badi Sayat congratulated voters for turning out, moncler coats for women saying that moncler outlet mall around 4 million people out of the 8.8 million registered voters cast their ballots over the past two days at 4576 polling centers across the country.He added that moncler outlet usa the commission still hasn received the final turnout reports from all 32 provinces.Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also thanked citizens for their participating during a speech carried on state TV.did not only show their enemies that they would not surrender to any threats or warnings, but that they also have the power and will to defeat their enemies, Ghani said, referring to threats by the Taliban and Islamic State affiliate warning voters against casting ballots.The biggest turnout was in Kabul and the lowest in the southern Uruzgan province, according to IEC officials.Polling on Sunday continues at 401 voting centers, including 45 in Kabul. Preliminary results will not moncler outlet online be released before mid November and final results will not be out moncler outlets usa until December.The first parliamentary elections since 2010 are being held against a backdrop of near daily attacks by the Taliban, who have seized nearly half the country and have repeatedly refused offers to negotiate with the Kabul government.Officials at polling stations struggled with voter registration and a new biometric system that was aimed at stemming fraud but instead created enormous confusion because many of those trained on the cheap moncler system did not show up for work. The biometric machines arrived just a month before polls and there was no time to do field testing moncler outlet online.