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You going to f’ing die? he asked me as if to say

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And when the pool finally narrowed to two finalists, neither was a ringer. One was a first grade teacher. The other finalist a guy named Wayne Nelson had a very surprising strategy. Second, I liked the fact that it was promoted as being much easier to use outdoors, and that was important to me. Third, I liked the fact that my new Kindle was coordinated with the Kindle on my iPhone. This means that when I download a book to my Kindle, it is also immediately available on my phone.

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Unfortunately, it was the same night the US federal election results rolled in. With Klein yet to show, those in the room stared aghast at their mobile phones, watching as Donald Trump who has described global warming as a hoax instigated by the Chinese stormed to victory. By the time Klein appeared, looking uncharacteristically flustered, Trump was on stage in New York, giving his acceptance speech.

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I lifted up the bed since it was two twin beds. While lifting up one bed I was in vain trying to catch her and realized that my life was taking precedence. I left her behind. I really feel like shit I told my team leader. You going to f’ing die? he asked me as if to say, up, stop being a baby So I kept walking, until I couldn hold my gun up anymore. Going to throw up I told him and fell to the ground From their I was dragged into the shade of a building where dizziness set in and I was treated as one of the babies we refer to.

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