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Coram Deo Senior Caleb Johnson said, «We didn’t know we had won

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moncler cheap moncler jackets sale outlet online The six members of Flower Mound’s Coram Deo Academy state champion boy’s track team know how to overcome obstacles, not the least of which, they don’t have a track.]]>FLOWER MOUND, Texas (CBS11 SPORTS) The six members of Flower Mound’s Coram Deo Academy state champion boy’s track team know how to overcome obstacles, not the least of which, they don’t have a track.Yet, all six athletes qualified for the state track meet last month.Cody Bartlow, moncler jacket sale Coram Deo’s Head Coach, said, «In order to win state with only six people, you basically have to win every race.»The six members of Flower Mound’s Coram Deo Academy (CBS11 Sports)And that’s basically what Coram Deo did, including the last event of the day: the 4 meter relay.When their relay team crossed the finish line first in that race, little did moncler sale they know they had won the whole track meet. That is, until fellow students rushed over to tell them.Coram Deo Senior Caleb Johnson said, «We didn’t know we had won. We were just shocked.»»When you win with six guys, and without a track to practice on,» Sophomore Taylor Behm said, shaking his head, «it’s like what you see cheap moncler coats in fairy tales.»Coach Bartlow said this is Coram Deo’s first team to win an athletic state championship in the 20 year history of the school. moncler outlet online

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